Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Queosia 7.4

Hi everyone,

after a few months of discussions and development, we have a new version up and running.

There are a couple additions to the game (new personalities), and one change that affects the undead race. The helps have been updated to reflect the new conditions, but I am going to briefly describe each change.

Undead addition: A new advantage has been added to the undead race: +20% place in buildings, which increases with each level: on the 4th level there is a +30% bonus for place in buildings; on the 3rd level there is a +40% bonus for place in buildings; on the 2nd level there is a +50% bonus for place in buildings; on the 1st level there is a +60% bonus for place in buildings.

New personality: Wagonmaster. Wagonmasters can handle twice as many caravans as other people. (Please note that only VIP members have access to caravans. If you do not plan to become a VIP member, then this personality is of no use to you: two times zero is still zero.) You can use the two caravans to send goods to two diferent countries, or send both to the same place and reduce the losses on the way.

New personality: Architect. The architect needs 20% less raw materials for all builgings, and he even works one round faster. He also has a very good eye for usable materials: when demolishing buildings, he can save 20% of the raw materials for future use.

New personality: Strategist. The Strategist commands the troops in a way that avoids the destruction of the concored buildings, and saves the lives of many soldiers. When conquering land from opponents, no buildings are destroyed during the battle. Military losses during the battle are 30% lower.

New personality: Pedlar. A man of the market. The pedlar can visit each market one extra time each day. He can also extend the availability of his market goods by 24 hours whenever the remaining time of the given goods is less that 3 hours. If the goods are on their way back, this extension can no longer be done. Each item can only be extended maximum 3 times.

Restart restriction: to ensure fair market conditions, restarting countries will get back a maximum of 3 million scrolls (per scientific area) and a maximum of 100 million runes.

We hope that you will like these changes.

Good luck!