Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Queosia 7.0 beta

Queosia 7.0 beta is here! We will keep the game in the beta stage for a few days. If you notice any errors, please e-mail us at support@queosia.com. Once we declare this version final, we will let you know in another news post.

Enjoy! :)

Here is the list of changes:
  • We brought back the option to leave some of your land behind when levelling. Unlike in the past, this is now completely optional.

  • 1/A: if every member of an alliance is under protection, the entire alliance gets protected. You cannot start an alliance attack against them, nor csn they start such an attack.

  • 1/A: we have removed the limit that only let you join/create 50 alliances total. You can now join as many alliances as you like (only one at a time, of course :)). The land you need to give the Emperor when doing to has been maximized in 50% of your land, even if you join/create more than 50 alliances.

  • 1/A: joining and creating an alliance is now easier if you are in the top30%. For every 2000 top30% rounds you currently have, you receive 1% allowans on the land you need to give the Emperor. The minimum is 1%, you cannot get lower than this.

  • “Exploration rate” has been removed. A new feature has been added instead:

  • You can collect “cheap exploration” by winning battles and gaining land from other countries (you can also lose them if you lose land). You can use these to explore at a much cheaper rate above 3000 acres.

  • Some functions may require you to enter an identification code. This is to ensure that all players are humans, and not computer-scripts. This does not affect most of the countries, only certain countries get flagged by the system, based on in-game behaviour.

  • You can now put money into the aid. With strong restrictions, of course.

  • You can tell the Governor in what order to sell your soldiers if there is no space for the in the barracks.

  • Freeze country. If you have more than one country, and one of them cannot level because of the other one, you can now choose to freeze your upper country (the one that prevents the other from levelling). While the country is frozen, you cannot enter it. Once you clear the level, you can come back to the game with it.

  • You can choose if you want to see countries on vacation in the scoretable.

  • The army of a protected country cannot be used by its allies. It cannot be taken to war, it cannot be asked in for help, and it cannot be sent to help. In return, alliances that have protected members, receive the same bonus that alliances with members on vacation receive. (Does not affect 1/A alliance attacks.)

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Upgrade to version 7

Development for version 7 is complete. We will start upgrading our live environment on Tuesday. Some of the new features may require fine-tuning during the first few days. Anyone uncomfortable with frequent changes during the first few days is advised to put their country on holiday while we finalize everything. Queosia will not be shut down during the upgrade, the game will be constantly available.