Monday, February 26, 2007

8 years

Happy birthday Hódító! :)

Queosia's big brother, Hódító is 8 years old this month.

Queosia is proud to have a game engine that has been along for so long, and has proven very successful.

A couple changes, specific to Queosia are coming soon, be sure to keep reading the news. :)

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Queosia v6.2

Lots of goodies today... :) Below you can find the major changes that have been introduced into Queosia with the new version. The help files have been updated accordingly.

Enjoy! :)

  • The search menu has been expanded, now it shows the number of personalities of the shearched country, and in the 1/A group, it will show you the [NA] sign if the country is not in alliance.

  • In the 1/A group, the initial protection has been changed from 7 to 24 rounds. Now the period of protection is the same as the time you are blocked from using the market. Both timeframes are 24 rounds.
  • The order of the raw materials has changed in some places: council menu, caravan, alliance warehouse and thivery. The new order is based on the order of the raw materials in the market menu, this is what most of you have gotten used to.
  • The order of the military units has changed in some places. The new order is based on the order of the military units in the "Your country" menu.
  • The council menu now shows you if there are more military units than place in your temples, inns, barracks and houses. In case of military units, it will be shown in red so you can see at once how many surplus units you have in your country.
  • In the events list, the distance (for VIP members only) will show if the country is below or above you. Distance of countries below you are shown with a netagive sign.
  • The list of goods you have on the market are noe broken down into the three main market-categories for better reading.
  • The "Best players" list now contains a toplist of the biggest attacks, and the biggest countries.
  • The governor now has an option to suspend the training of simple soldiers if your population gets below a certain point.
  • Your "important events" (if you allow access to them for your allies) are no longer gone if you delete them from your country. You and your allies can still read them in the "impornatn events" section in the alliance menu.
  • The "Events" menu now lists all your magical and thievery actions you did against others. If you give your allies access to your important events, they can also view these actions.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Many changes coming to Queosia

Many changes are coming to Queosia this Wednesday. Mostly minor value-added features, most of which do not influence the flow of the gameplay. On some pages however, the order of the displayed items will change. This includes the market page, the council page, the military page, and some other pages. We ask you in advance to play very carefully in the next few days. READ what is written on a page, otherwise you might get some very unpleasant surprises.