Sunday, December 09, 2007

Queosia 6.4

Many new modules have been added to Queosia today, to make your gameplay even more enjoyable than ever. The help files have been updated to reflect the changes.

Here's a brief list of the things that have changed:

  • Remaining time of protection is now displayed below the country data. This helps new players prepare more easily.

  • Your registration date – when available – is now displayed on the „Level” page. Many of you have requested this feature.

  • Scrolls now get worn away at different acre limits. The limits were raised by 1 acre. Not much change you could say, but it WILL make a lot of difference.

  • The minimum help you can give your allies is now 0% instead of the previous 10%. This helps reduce some unfair revenges that became more and more common, when someone was forced to leave an alliance.

  • Time till the next round is now shown under your country data. This feature is only available for VIP members.

  • Crystal balls can now be saved, and stored for a longer period of time. You can even search your crystal ball results to find the best opponent for a loot, or robbery. This feature is only available for VIP members.

  • The governor can now train mages and thieves beyond free capacity. So far this was only available for soldiers. This requires extra attention, be sure to understand what this does before using! This feature is only available for VIP members.

  • You can set a default scorelist in the 1/A group. Until now, the default scorelist was the alliance scoretable, but this can now be set as you like.

  • E-mail notification of market events can have a minimum amount. If a transaction brings you less gold, you will not be notified, and not get as many e-mails.

  • When giving help to your allies, you can now set how much shar you want. So far this was a „yes/no” option whether you want a share or not. Now you can set a value between 0% and 25%. If everyone sets their request to 25%, the alliance can stay together, even if you only have one warrior in the alliance.

  • Besides the password, the username can be changed as well.

  • The „Minimum land” requirement has been added to all groups. This was already a requirement on levels 1 and 2, now it is a requirement on all levels. The minimum land is a unique value to each country, and you must have at least this much land to level up. The minimum land is 85% of your country's all-time biggest size on the given level.

  • Instead of the previous 1800 rounds, moral now starts to decrease after spending more than 2000 rounds in the upper parts of the group. The rate of decrease has also been changed: the more time you spend in the upper parts of the group, the more your moral will drop. Your people will burn up not only houses and barracks, but all other buildings as well. Not only one per round, but more and more, as time moves along.

  • The Dwarf race got a new racial speciality: it can now excavate its lands, and find quarries on areas up to 15% of its land, without having to explore new areas.

We hope you will like these changes, and that they will make your time at Queosia even more enjoyable. If you have any questions, please e-mail us at

Good luck!