Monday, November 26, 2007

Prepare for the upcoming changes

Lots of new modules are coming to Queosia before this Christmas.

Most of these modules will give you a more comfortable and easier playing experience.

Two of the upcoming modules, however, may require some preparation if you have a big country:

  1. The "Minimum land" levelling requirement will be added to lower groups. This is already a requirement on levels 2 and 1, and it will now become a requirement on all levels. The "minimum land" is a unique value to every country in the game, and you must have at least this much land to level up. The minimum land is 85% of your country's all-time biggest size on the current level. (It does NOT get reset when restarting the level!) If you feel that your country has lost much land over the past weeks/months, and you will not have enough land to level up when this requirement gets added, we suggest you level up now.
  2. When spending lots of time in the top30% of the group, your people start rioting, civilian mood drops drastically, and your people start burning up houses and barracks. This rioting will increase when the modifications are introduced: the more time you spend in the top30% of the group, the more dissatisfied your people will become. Your people will start burning up other buildings as well, not just houses and barracks, and they will set more and more buildings on fire... Once again, if you think you have spent too much time in the top part of the group (more than 2000 rounds in the top30%), we suggest you level up before this modification gets added to the game.

Of course, these are just minor parts of the upcoming new features. While the above two changes will positively affect most of the current players, some countries may need to get prepared for them. The rest of the changes will only have a positive effect on every country. :)

Good luck!