Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Queosia v6.1

We are pleased to announce many-many exciting changes to Queosia today! These changes will make your playing environment more enjoyable and the gaming experience more competetive.

The following changes have been introduced to the game today:

  • The "Sciences" section of the Council page now shows the achieved bonus values. So far this was only available on the Science page.

  • Incoming messages are now grouped with the rest of the messaging functions for easier access to your messages.

  • In 1/A, the "Put in" and "Take out" buttons in the Warehouse have been combined, you can now put stuff in, and take stuff out at the same time.

  • In 1/A, surveyed alliances are now marked in the alliance scoretable. Clicking on the info sign, you are taken to the list of surveyed alliances. This makes it easier to keep track of alliances you have already surveyed.

  • At the same time, longer alliance names have been truncated. The full name is shown by rolling the mouse over tha partial name.

  • Non-agression pacts between alliances have been introduced in 1/A. The alliance leader can send a pact to another alliance, whose leader can accept or reject it. Once accepted, the alliances cannot attack each other, and the members of the alliance cannot attack each other either. The pact can be broken up by the alliance leader, just like normal non-agression pacts.

  • Levelling requirements have changed for countries with more than one personality. The more personalities your country has, the harder the requirements are. Instead of the top30%, you need to spend the 336 rounds in upper parts of the group.

Personalities Requirement
2 336 rounds in the top22%
3 336 rounds in the top15%
4 336 rounds in the top10%
5 336 rounds in the top8%
6 336 rounds in the top6%
7 336 rounds in the top4%
8 336 rounds in the top1%
9 and more 336 rounds in the 1st position

  • If you feel the new requirements are too hard, you can give up a personality (or more), making the requirements easier.

  • When restarting to the fifth level from 2/B, your country in 1/A needs to meet the requirements based on the number of personalities your 2/B country has. (Ie: if your country has only 1 personality in 1/A, it needs to meet the top30% in order to restart on the fifth level. If your country in 2/B has 3 personalities, the country in 1/A needs to meet the top15% requirement if you want to restart from 2/B.)

  • Exploration requirements have changed above 2948 acres. The new requirement is based on the numkber of acres you have so far explored. The more you explored, the more expensive it will be to explore new lands. Requirements for countries below 2948 acres remains the same as before.

  • Country values are now updated after every significant event. After every battle, every thievery and magical attack. Up till now these values were only updated once per round, or when the person governing the country was online. This made the outcome of attacks a little unpredictable.

  • Many other small changes.

If you notice anything not working correctly, please notify us at

Good luck everyone!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Queosia's big brother, Hódító passed 400.000 registered countries

400.000, that is four hundred thousand. We have this many countries registered in Queosia's Hungarian version, Hódító.

Thank you all for being part of this growing community.

Queosia is still a long way from this number, but hey, we had almost 8 years in Hódító, Queosia has just recently passed its first year. :)

Get all your firends to play, so we can beat this 400.000 number in Queosia! :)