Wednesday, May 24, 2006

New times for round changes

Two major things changed today in Queosia.

The first one is the starting time of round changes. The new start times are:

:02 1/A
:04 2/B
:08 2/D (anarch)
:10 3/G
:12 3/H (anarch)
:13 4/L
:16 4/M (anarch)
:18 5/V
:21 5/W
:23 5/Y (anarch)

The second change is even smaller: you cannot make any country-related actions during the change of rounds. This is the few-second time between the start and end of the round changes. You can still use the forum, send messages, read the events etc. If you try to buy something from the market during this time, for example, you will be asked to wait. To repeat your action (without having to retype everything) just click on the button on this warning screen a few seconds later.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

1/A change: alliance vacation

A small change has been introduced today that many 1/A players will be happy for: from now on, you do not have to pay the roundly fees for the alliance warehouse, while the alliance is on vacation.

As soon as alliance vacation is over, you have to start paying the fees again. Remember that the alliance vacation can be over because of one of two reasons: at least one of the alliance members gets back from vacation; or the alliance runs out of vacation-time.

The roundly fees for the warehouse remain unchanged.

This change has no affect on any of the groups other that 1/A in Queosia.

Enjoy! :)