Friday, October 21, 2005

Queosia PR5

Google databases have been updated, and Queosia got a PageRank of 5. This is a pretty good pagerank for a site that has only been around for 3 months. As a comparison, Hodito only has a PR4. True, we have been doing lots more marketing for Queosia. (A search on Google for the term "Queosia" now yields 18,600 results. We started with zero.)

Yes, I know this doesn't mean much, but still it's good news. :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Hodito passes 300,000 registered

Queosia's "big brother", Hodito has reached 300,000 registered countries last week.

That is a really amazing number, which makes the game one of Europe's largest online multiplayer games.

Here at Queosia we are still a "little" away from reaching this many countries, but why not target it? :) Get all your friends to join and play, let's make this game one of the biggest International games! (Oh, and before I forget: get all your enemies, too, so you can take revenge! :))

Horland (#1)

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Queosia blog

Hi everyone,

it's time Queosia had a blog. :) Why? So we can share some development secrets with you, let you know what we are up to, let you know how we are progressing with new developments, let you know about some of the feedbacks (both positive and negative) we get etc.

How long this blog will stay active, I have absolutely no idea. :) We'll just have to see how popular it gets, and how much of our time it consumes to keep it up and running. No promises yet. ;)

Horland (#1)